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Tankless water heaters are known as demand-type water heaters and provide hot water in need. No energy loss with these storage water heaters! Save your big money! It is imperative to choose the right model for your home or business place. You must be aware of the things that are necessary while choosing a tankless water heater. These units heat up the water directly. There is no use of any storage tank. You just need to turn on the hot water tap and cold water, then moves through the pipe into the device. An electric element heats up the water and thus, tankless water heater gives a constant supply of hot water. Get the hot water instantly without waiting for a storage tank. These heating units do not store hot water and hence, eliminate the risk of corrosion.

Generally, tankless water heaters provide 2-5 gallons of hot water in a single minute. In comparison to electric water heaters, gas tankless water heaters offer higher water flow. If you need hot water in a very big quantity, installing two or more tankless water heaters is a wise decision for multiple purposes at home. You can also use these units for remote bathrooms, dishwashers, clothes washers and solar water heating units. The purchasing cost of a tankless water heating system is more than that of a conventional storage heater. But, it offers endless benefits. Tankless water heaters can last longer and have lower energy costs. These units can have a life of over 15 years. In case, any part stopped working, you can replace the parts and extend the life of your unit. Traditional storage water heaters also produce standby heat losses but tankless water heating systems eliminate the heat loses. No energy is wasted while utilizing tankless water heaters unlike storage water heaters.

LLGPH carries a wide range of tankless water heaters with advanced features to save energy. We also handle the installation of heating units for you!

Below are the factors that need to be considered while choosing a water heating unit:

• Heater storage Capacity
• Function
• Type of fuel
• EF ratings

Capacity-Always choose a hot water heater that offers enough hot water for your home and business place. Before purchasing water heater, you will need to calculate how much water you need.

Function- These systems provide hot water to a specific point. The Majority of homeowners utilizes tankless water heating systems as they save energy cost.

Fuel type- Some heaters are fueled by electricity and some by gas. Consider the fuel type before purchasing a tankless water heater.

EF ratings- The efficiency of the water heater depends on the EF rating. The higher the EF ratings, the higher will be the efficiency of your heating unit.

Tankless electric water warmer should be hardwired to the electrical switch/electrical board. The span of the current electrical support of the home should be considered as bigger units may oblige an update. Tankless electric water warmers don’t should be vented. Tankless electric water radiators may yield less GPM than a tankless gas unit; the bigger electric units can give interminable high temp water to up to two noteworthy applications, which is an adequate limit for most homes. They are less lavish to buy than gas tankless, and their littler size and absence of venting may permit them to be introduced where gas tankless units can’t go.

These innovative water heaters have great features. But in order to expand heater’s life and maintain peak efficiency, self cleaning is essential. While choosing the model of tankless water heater, go for the one with fast recovery speed. Select the water heating system with an auto shutoff valve to prevent fires by closing the gas flow.

Why Tankless electric water heaters AT LLGPH?

• Gallons of hot water
• Energy-efficient design
• Low cost
• Compact size
• Highest quality product
• Precise Temperature control
• Self diagnostics
• High demand applications

Thanks to LLGPH, enjoy gallons of hot water instantly saving energy and water heating costs. No risk of leakage or rupture! Save your space, money and energy! Lifetime warranty!