Plumbers Protect the Health of the Nation

In the past, the tems “going green” and “becoming eco-friendly” usually ended costing the consumer more than they were paying for similar products and services, but technology, innovation and our nations commitment to cleaning up our environment has led to the development of thousands upon thousands of eco-friendly alternatives resources that are competitively priced and produce similar results to normal or traditional methods.

LLG Plumbing and Heating is a number one award-winning Con Edison certified Oil to gas conversion plumbing contractor in our area.

Let us show you how with high efficient, environmentally friendly hot water & heating appliances.
They pay for themselves in no time. Guaranteed.

LLG Plumbing & Heating Inc.has been providing NYC and Westchester County customers with professional, reliable and quality plumbing services at affordable prices for more than 15 years and we’ve made it a top priority to share both our extensive knowledge-base and our extensive inventory of eco-friendly/green products, fixtures and services with all of our customers. The fact is, no effort to help our environment is too small and the eco-friendly products and services we offer do help save our national resource, but that’s only a small fraction of what our plumbers and the plumbing community can offer in the way of conservation. Call us today for more information on our green products and services.